What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Dreams leave us perplexed. They are mysterious.

We have all scratched our heads one time or the other trying to decipher the meaning behind what we saw in our dreams.

The black and white moving pictures look like they mean something and we ponder to decode them in the realm of our curiosity.

Some dreams are beautiful. They motivate us.

Others are full of terrors. We get haunted by them a lot of time and when we wake up, we find ourselves in a completely different world.

Dreams are astonishing but do they really have hidden messages we need to know?

What does it mean when we dream about someone?

We all believe dreams do have some meaning for us to understand and here we try to explore them for you.

Dreaming about someone

There can be several reasons why you might be dreaming about someone.

It can be a person you like or the person you are in love with or someone who you’ve never seen in life.

All of who you see depends on how your subconscious mind is working when you get to bed and sleep.

The basic reason why you might be seeing someone is because you were thinking about that particular person while in bed.

It is totally natural to see someone who you were thinking right before you fell asleep. It is easy for thoughts to get into the sleeping pattern if they existed right before when your senses were working.

Seeing someone depends on who you were thinking about the whole day as well. Maybe you found someone attractive when you walked past him and he found a place in your mind to sneak into your dreams as well.

Some other time, it might not be a specific person you saw or were thinking of. It can be vague.

Maybe, you were thinking of certain qualities you would love in your partner and you saw your boyfriend adept or someone who you had never seen before in your dreams, full of potential.

On the other hand, if someone has had a great impact in your life, seeing them is not uncommon.

For example, you might be in a relationship but you are attracted to some other person lately. You like all the qualities in him and you cherish his presence in your life. You think about him and there are no barriers to keep him away from your dreams.

Dreaming about someone you like

It is absolutely possible and likely to see someone who you like in your dreams too.

If you like someone, he or she runs through your mind throughout the day and you don’t want the thoughts of that person to go away from you.

That is why you might be seeing someone you like in your dreams.

However, in order to get a deeper understanding, try to take a closer attention to your dreams.

For example, did they like you back when you took your instance?

If they did, it means that you feel secure and have confidence in yourself. Also, this possible shows that you are confident to take one step further and get in a new relationship.

But, if they did not like you back, this signals a lack of confidence. This means that you do not believe in yourself or that you are afraid of rejections.

Dreaming about someone you love

This is probably the most common in many people’s dream.

We always love to be with the one who we are in love with. We want them close and by our side all the time.

We keep thinking about them and missing their presence.

So, if your loved one is away from your for a while, they find a way to be together with you in your mind and your dreams.

Dreams about someone you love also shows the passion and love you two have together.

However, there can also be a different meaning to what and how you see your dream.

For instance, if you see bright colors of life when you see someone you love, the two of you have a great relationship. You two value each other and are meant to be together.

If you see your partner with another person, it could mean that you do not feel secure or have a good trust on your partner. This could also signify that you do not feel you are treated right or that your partner is not passionate about the relationship.

Never assure yourself that what you see in your dream is true. This could probably stir negative thoughts between the two of you and hurt your relationship.

Dreaming about someone dying or dead

Dreaming about someone dying or dead can have both positive and negative meaning.

Depending on who you see in the dream if it is someone you are missing or played a major role in your life, this means that the person is visiting to comfort you and provide you some closure.

If you are going through a difficult time, the person might have returned to guide you and show you that the life you are living is beautiful.

On the other hand, there are also some spiritual theories detailing about someone we see in the dream but is dead or dying. One theory says that the person finds you because he trusts you and wants to disclose about how he died or who is the killer.

Or, if someone who died was never found, the deceased person gets inside your dream to help you locate the place where he was lying dead.

Dreaming about sex or about someone in a sexual way

Also known as “wet dreams” and common among teenagers, dreaming about someone in a sexual way reveals the adulthood in you. It shows your compassion and desire for the one you see in your dream.

On top of that, it also reveals your sexual fantasies that you have within yourself. Do not worry if you see different people in dreams that look similar, and this only means that your sexual emotions are rising, and you want someone deep inside you.

No matter if you see your friend or your boss you are around the whole day, this does not mean that you’ve developed a feeling towards him.

This probably can happen because the person is right in front of your eyes the whole day and the subconscious mind of yours brought you together in the dream.

However, if it is someone you like or have a crush on, this shows the passion and relaxation you would expect when you get in bed with that person.

Dreaming about someone famous

Dreaming about someone famous is also one of the common things that happen to people when they are asleep.

Maybe, someone has inspired you or you love someone’s music so bad, or you fancy someone’s football skills and become as good as they are.

Seeing someone shows your respect and positiveness towards the person you adore dearly.

On the flip side, someone famous who you saw in your dream might have come to bring you back on knees, to inspire you from your broken shelf showing that this life is worth fighting for.

But why do we dream about someone?

Several theories have been made to define the function and meaning of dreams since the ancient time.

Famous people and researchers like Aristotle and Plato have given their hypothesis describing the spirituality that lies within dreams.

They devised that we see dreams to express our unconscious desires in a safer world or somewhere away from reality where the stories are not acceptable.

Some researchers of modern times also call dream as a meaningless byproduct of neural activity in the REM of our nervous system.

Despite no proper findings to back up why we dream about someone, scientists also believe that dream has something in our life as we spend one-third of our life sleeping.

What crazy, weird or a wonderful dream have you been involved in? What does that dream mean to you?

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